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Founded in 2013, we at Beehive Ideas conceptualise your thoughts by creating films that engage your audience and communicate your message effectively.

Our films are known to captivate our client’s audience and positively affect their communication strategy. They are an output of your ideas combined with ours, with the expertise of script writing and editing. Our films have the ability to make the audience enjoy the whole spectrum of emotions from humour to nostalgia, from joy to sympathy.

At beehive, we believe that execution needs as much passion as an idea would have behind it. They say, it’s not just about ideas but also about making ideas happen. And we ensure just that, to breathe a beautiful life into your ideas and paint its emotions and produce profound films that touch people deeply.

Video Making Process

Tell us your thoughts and we will evolve it into a video that effectively communicates your idea and make a lasting impression on your viewers. We follow a comprehensive process because we know giving life to an idea is a big responsibility and we ensure we do it the right way.
At Beehive, we understand your product / service and what is the message that we need to communicate. Once we understand the basic requirements, we materialise the thoughts in a script and develop a detailed storyboard post which we find our actors that suit the best to the characters developed in the storyboard. Then we indulge ourselves in extensive editing until we finalise a draft as approved by the client which is then converted to an MP4 format and delivered to them.

Our services

Product Films

We create films that revolve around the product enabling marketers to engage the audience while educating them on the uses of the products and its benefits. We have created product films for Nestle, Kit Kat, Crocin, etc.

Animation Films

Animation has come a long way since the 90s and at Beehive we use all the latest technology for creating different types of animation like Stop-Animation, Computer Animation, or the Traditional Animation.

Corporate Videos

A non-advertisement film, these videos are used for internal or external corporate messaging and we have worked with Visuddhi, IDP ahd, MMT Edit, Deaken Celebrates, Bata, Dalmia Bharat, Dalmia Corporate, Dalmia KKK, Udacity, Mannequin Challenge, Uninor, Telenor for Corporate Videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos that talk about the products or services of a company could be boring but we deploy elements of fun in our videos to keep the audience interested in the video. We have worked with Matrix for Explainer Videos .

PSA Videos

Experts in making Public Service Announcement videos, we try to make these concept based while keeping in mind the goal to effectively communicate the message. We have done PSA videos for...

Documentary Videos

A non-fictional video, documentary videos can be used for many purposes like education or instruction or PSI videos that come under this segment. Our documentary videos are infused with life and will keep the viewer engaged with communicating the facts & figures creatively.

Choose Beehive

Before initiating a project, we deep dive into our client’s products or services. Our inhouse team members are qualified professionals for conceptualising, script writing, and editing as well. We believe every step is crucial in making a video and we put as much focus on pre-production phase as much as on post-production. It allows us to create videos that are holistic and meet our client’s objectives.

Our works

With an experience of 6 years, we have worked with more than 100 clients including make my Trip, Kit Kat, Crocin, Udacity, Bial, Matrix, etc.


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated.

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